A friends request,"Wear these!"

As you can appreciate this isn't the only social media I frequent. In one place I have a friend who asks for scene's for this site. As they are quite in keeping with my goals here, I obliged. Today it was a request to wear wedges heel's. Now to be honest there are few places left where anyone can comfortably wear heels. Even the relatively easy wedge heel is not suitable for walking on the broken pavements that our towns and cities seem to have now. So I cheated a little and wore trainers for the journey there and back, and a lot of the walking. 

There is a wonderful large park a distance from me, a two bus journey in fact. But as it was 22°C outside and I really like the park. Well got ready and went. Now by got ready, I mean put on matching floral bra and knickers, sheer for the most part. In a light nude colour with floral motifes. Then a light Summer dress my makeup, trainers. A bag with the usual assortment of makeup touch up and essential. Plus my wedges. Not the most comfortable as the fit isn't quite right. I am only a size 7 UK. And not wide either. So even going to catch the bus was blowing my dress about. I don't think it went too high as my bag tended to hold it down but you never can tell. 

Something that has struck me is that a confident head up and positive walk stops too many stares. You see the population are so used to grey dismal days, they've become grey and dismal. I like bright colours. My dress, as you see, is bright. But anyway I arrived at the park with only a twenty five minutes wait for the connecting bus. The place was busy. But being so large there was room for quiet strolls and not being disturbed. It was there I changed shoes. Now the stroll became a gentle saunter. Birds chirped and people chatted and I was looking for somewhere to photograph. There was a gusty breeze which if caught at the right moment, whoosh up went my dress. 

The travel back was uneventful but fun. I shall leave you with a busy weekend and expect ideas with come in as well.