The Second challenge

Wild and Free

It was a breezy cold night time. With very little on, just a bra, a dress my hat and a light coat I ventured out that night. The winds were unpredictable and came in strong gusts. Walking down a barely lit path, I hoped for a decent place to photograph. There were a few as the circular route skirted the houses. To stay safe my path was via the fields. The rain had made the ground sodden. Quagmire levels as the wind blew my dress about .. Did you notice what was missing?

Although not being cold, the exposure could have serious consequences, so a route avoiding as much population was used. It still meant there was the usual walkers which you could encounter. And it happened. He was as shocked and stupified as could be. And at that point a gust blew up revealing the round mounds of bottom. He definitely saw that as did all the passing traffic. What a buzz. Perhaps the exposure wasn't to their taste. Trying to ensure it was only as maximum as what you would see on a beach in Summer. Still in future there would be some thong.