The Windiest Place in the UK


With a weekend of glorious weather, after months of dodging the rain, I could put on a sun dress and go to a place that should be high on your list to visit. Notorious for it's very high winds, which tragically cost a life. Even millions spent on deflection structures will not stop a fair breeze blowing all day, every day. It was a long trip but with the heat and sunshine a pleasant one. 

Now I wasn't aware of how light my sun dress is! I will download a short clip but in the sunlight my panties are clearly showing. Hence the car horns now and the odd looks. Choosing a good spot was easy, anywhere will do! With just a multi coloured dress a pair of white lace panties, my trainers and a bag for all my stuff, ready. 

This is next to a bridge over a navigable river and the canal joins, so the sides are made into a walk. Down some steps and a little walkway overlooking the conjunction of semi natural and manageable made rivers. A quiet sit in the sunshine on the benches.

Rested, I proceeded to a small square which has become a rest area for the surrounding offices. Funny how windy these places are, as if designed with me in mind! A small channel in the gardens ran with water. A stream, straight and true. The trickling of water, drowned by city sounds. 

Leaving there a pleasant car free walk to a development area opposite. An old brick built office block dominated the new piattza. Warmed by the sun I couldn't resist a few pictures.

Then the journey home. Took a while but loved being out in very little. Might go again tomorrow.