Breezy Skirts

Today was a quick recovery day. My initial plan just didn't work very well. Regroup and try a different tack. Wearing the short pink dress, a white jumper and bra and flowery panties I went on a local explore, for more than a light breeze. Yes unfortunately there for once was very little wind. Local knowledge though would save the day. Bridges across four lane motorways must be windy. Exposed, high up and without doubt drivers would probably see more than they bargained for! 

I didn't wear tights just my lovely floral sheer panties. The breeze did what breezes do and lifted the hem of my dress. Only a small way. Enough to expose my rounded bottom though. What would the drivers underneath think, let alone the passengers. As cars and lorries past under and on the bridge, I do hope they kept their eyes ahead... Fat chance with a peachy bum to view 


Walking further, I found an intriguing path across a field. The grass was shorter on the path than the surrounding fields. Hopes raised as the wind speed increased. Would my dress be above my panties with a sudden gust? Well the pictures tell their own story. 

I have an idea for next week so stay with the site. If you want to purchase anything I wear, just email. Until next time.