Visiting the Local Skypark

Experience the Upskirt Adventure

Join us for an exhilarating experience at the Skypark! Feel the wind in your hair and embrace the wild and windy nature of England. Enough of the preamble. Up early for a visit to a windy skirts place of interest. The sun was out and my buns were going to be out! Walking along the riverside path I noticed the shiny pillars and took an arty photo. The wind certainly gave everyone a glimpse underneath my dress as it blew about unpredictability. No doubt they had their opinions on my stockings and visible suspenders. Maybe even a sneaky panty glimpse. Took the lift up to the park. An old railway bridge which has been transformed into an urban garden space. Quiet and away from all the traffic. But fortunately for you, not the wind. Now it was busy so a few people saw more than flowers in bloom and views across the city. Who knows what the CCTV was capturing. Probably a Christmas special. Here's to the next adventure. X

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