Countryside Walk

Such a great day for a gentle stroll in the wild country. As wild as it becomes in these parts. Wearing my short blue dress and the skull top, down the path I went. Even though it was warm and sunny, a cruel wind blew. A wind so strong it fair whistled up my dress, raising it sufficiently to expose my white panties. Luck would have it, not many saw my futile struggle to keep the hem of my dress down. Although it was quite possible that several people did catch a glimpse. Lucky them, you say. 

Walking along, a horse poked it's head over the fence. Curious about what was going on. He was so cute and appreciated some scratches, not being concerned about the occasional flash of white as my dress was blown up and about! The path taking me past an ancient church. The breeze persisting in its desire to expose my panties even more! Fortunately the building site opposite the church was empty. Imagine the banter of workmen if it had not been! 

Wandering to the shop, I really hoped it would not disturb the patrons if, whoops, sorry, yes they are clean on! As yet more silly zephyrs play with my clothing. 

Question is where to next? Stay tuned to find out.