Sunday walk along the river

The weather wasn't brilliant, it even rained on the way there. But got to keep the content fresh. Wore my Florence dress. So light a breeze would lift it up. Long journey to a busy market town. Underneath was a sheer body. We'll sort of swimming costume but it left nothing to the imagination. 

Arriving I had a walk to the river, the wind through the quaint cobbles streets blowing my dress far too much. Not that I cared but there were some funny looks from fuddy duddys. I decided the path upstream was part one. It was a pleasant tree lined wide path. But then it disappeared into the woods a bit. Taking my opportunity to dodge dog walkers and cyclists. The wind was very gusty. However, there was a brilliant shot. Did I mention it is a thong body? 

Walking back downstream and across the bridge, I went into the park. Too many dog walkers and families. Found a spot only to have a dog following me. Said hello to the walker.. I should have been earlier. Made it back to the town centre my hem near my ears most of the time. Wouldn't you have loved to see that 

Ready for the next adventure. The tiny dress.