Yellow sheer dress.

Hi viewers. Hope you are all well. Tonight as a treat I wore a dress just for you. This has been in my collection quite a while but where to wear it out? Here's where and when. I think there were some shocked late night car drivers, one even stopped to check if I was okay, sweet... 

It was only a short walk. My dress flapping in the breeze. Car headlights showing off the sheer nature of the dress. My white lace panties on display through the material. I had my new powder blue padded bra on. Thought there wasn't much of that seen! 

As usual wind in the windy places was hard to come by but I managed. A motorway bridge is always windy. Just don't give anyone ideas about anything other than walking. The breeze gave some good gusts as you can see. The material so light well it blew right up and exposed everything underneath. 

I should really do a night on the town wearing this sheer yellow nightie. This can never be called a dress proper. Perhaps Amazon have some more nearly naked dresses. What do you think? Get more for Summer? Well enjoy as I did and I will be back soon with more Windy Skirts... XXX