Aborted bicycle ride.


Well I need a camera mount but not wasting the day and learnt loads. Decided that I would ride a bike to work. Bought cheapest bike I could find and well, it's really heavy work up hills. There was a small quiet road to try on and after a poor start got into the swing of it. I need a phone mount so I can put the camera to get the pictures you all desire. With my white top, no bra tiny white panties and my blue skater skirt, I think a few heads were turned on the road. Some took a while to pass, I wonder why?

So no on bike shots but there were places where the breeze got up sufficiently to well give you all a thrill. I loved the feeling of the wind as I rode about. And those following probably thought that too. 

Just the start and the first of growing trips out once my fitness increases. Where would you wish me to travel?